Companies should be prepared for the following trends and innovations, as they will play a major role in the coming year and beyond, and in some cases have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

The most important trends 2019 in Real Estate

Micro Living: Currently one of the most sought-after residential trends in urban areas. That is why some real estate companies are already setting up subsidiaries that specialize exclusively in Micro Living. The concept Micro Living refers to small apartments with an average size of 20 to 35 square meters, in which a single room covers several living areas. Thanks to modular and multifunctional furniture, every square centimeter can be optimally used. These small apartments not only offer affordable rental rates in desirable areas, but also fit perfectly into the currently popular sharing economy – instead of adding more private living spaces, the apartments are complemented by communal gardens, kitchen lounges, working spaces, or even fitness rooms that appeal to the occupants of a home divide.

Co-working Spaces: The co-working market continues to grow at a rapid pace in view of the ever-shrinking office space in inner cities – a great opportunity for real estate companies. For companies, the coworking concept offers the possibility to set up rooms for temporary project work at short notice without having to commit to long-term leases. The spaces usually convince with an outstanding technical infrastructure. However, the coworking market is booming not only thanks to the trend towards agile project work. Coworking spaces are also ideal biotopes for start-ups and spin-offs of companies. Employees of various companies and the self-employed meet here to exchange ideas, to inspire each other and to use synergies. Other requirements apply to real estate companies than to classic office space. After all, a coworking space must also be quickly converted into a seminar or event room.

Co-Living Spaces: Not only co-working is gaining more and more, a new trend also transfers the concept to the living situation. At Co-Living, young professionals – mostly self-employed, digital nomads – share an apartment and dissolve the separation between their private life and their job. The digital natives come together in the living room to forge innovations and business models together. Such housing arrangements have individual demands on the real estate industry – More and more often, modern, fully furnished apartments with cleaning service and high-speed Internet are preferred, which put the flair of the student flats in the shade. Surfaces must be modular so that they can be adapted flexibly.

The most important trends 2019 in the construction sector

Sustainable construction: Sustainability and ecological compatibility are important topics in the construction industry, as consumers increasingly demand it. As a result, wood is gaining in popularity as a building material – ideally from regional stocks, in order to keep transport routes low. Also in the insulation is placed on natural materials such as rock wool great value. The demand for renewable energies, for example in the form of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal systems, also continues to rise.

The most important trends in engineering in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation: Today, artificial intelligence and automation solutions affect all departments within modern enterprises, and more importantly in manufacturing. The potential of new technologies is far from exhausted. The precursors of artificial intelligence today are the automation and “smart algorithms” that increasingly simplify and accelerate routine work and production processes. One of the most important fields of engineering in 2019 is the further development of AI. Thus, the tasks that can be done by artificial intelligence will become even more complex in the near future and technology will do us even more work.

The most important trends in 2019 in IT

Augmented Reality: Virtual Reality (VR) has already captured the market in the past two years. Augmented Reality (AR), which augments reality with graphic elements, is also nearing the big breakthrough and will overtake VR technology. The big advantage of AR technology over VR is that it is not tied to special devices like VR goggles, but can be conveniently used via the smartphone. For example, users can watch on their smartphone screen how furniture they might want to buy works in their own home. The technology could revolutionize many areas of life and will therefore enjoy high demand in the coming year. Some start-up companies have already implemented such applications and have been able to achieve greater user-friendliness.

Autonomous Objects: The Internet of Things naturally remains one of the most important trends in IT. Self-driving cars, household items with artificial intelligence as well as robots and drones are still in high demand. Information technology is working to create a network of autonomous objects that work together perfectly. Humans will no longer have to intervene in these processes – whether at home, in industry or in traffic – but will only serve as a controlling authority. Intelligent, smart objects not only realize the vision of Industry 4.0, but will also change our everyday lives in the years to come.

Blockchain: Although the topic has been around for some years, it will continue to be trendy in 2019 as well. Blockchain databases are given the ability to replace the entire banking system in the future. It’s a kind of digital cash book that sits on thousands of computers around the world, updating new records all over the place at the same time, so transactions can be reviewed by all users. This is useful for money security, as the popularity of Bitcoin currency proves. However, the technology can also be used in many other areas, so that many business levels could be enormously enriched in the future. Research and development will continue in 2019.