A critical analysis of the relevance of selected current megatrends in different industries and economic contexts

Lectures on megatrends and future

One of the most important trends is digitization. It is not only a megatrend but is also classified as the 5th Kondratieff wave. This puts it at the same level of innovation as the steam engine or the railroad. For this reason, many industries are currently in the digital transformation. The respective companies integrate digitization into their business activities. With some business models, this change even goes so far as to speak of a digital disruption.

Based on these trends, we hold lectures for customer events and act as speakers at events such as trade fairs, congresses or conferences.

Future Digitalization: The Race to the World Operating System

Why we need new visions for economy, state and security

The book deals with the following questions:

    What is the result of the digital transformation of the next 10 years?

    Will digitization still be compatible with our economic system?

    Does work still have a future in times of robotics, artificial intelligence and digital networking?

    Does our financial system allow the digital disruption of the banking industry?

    Are we on the right path to more security in a fully networked world?

    Who will dominate the (digital) world? What opportunities does Europe have between the US and China?

    How can digital technology help us solve the challenges ahead?

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01. Work and business in transition

    Softening of the traditional employee image

    Consolidation of work with increasing employee requirements

    Development of more open work structures and management concepts

    Automation of increasingly complex work tasks

    new intelligent production process

    letting go of outdated business models as a challenge

    Companies as solvers of social challenges

    different industries grow together

02. Challenging population trends

    Increase in life expectancy

    Increase in the world population

    worldwide decline in births

    Overpopulation with simultaneous depopulation of regions

    Migratory movements of populations and individuals

    Demographic phenomena from a shortage of skilled workers to poverty in old age

    changing needs of an aging society

03. Tightening of the energy and resource situation

    important resources on the earth are approaching the production maximum

    Exchange through less scarce or renewable resources

    Growing energy and raw material consumption in emerging markets

    Implementation of concepts for saving resources and energy

    Increase in recycling and utilization of by-products

    Bottlenecks in food supply

    Competition between food and raw material production